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Wrongful Death

You and your spouse build a life and home together. You raise a family and have shared dreams for your children. Then suddenly, in an instant, everything’s gone. Or perhaps you lose a parent years before he or she has a chance to play with his or her grandchildren. Despite all the incredible advances in medicine, these loved ones are robbed of the opportunity to grow old and pass on at their natural time.

Unfortunately, these scenarios happen with alarming frequency. Such wrongful deaths are caused by an individual, company, or hospital’s negligence or misconduct. These unnecessary and untimely deaths usually occur from medical malpractice (like failing to uncover a deadly disease), vehicle and other transportation accidents (like drunk driving), defective products (like a dangerous pharmaceutical drug), and nursing home abuse.

Immediate family members who survive the victim, such as spouses, children, and parents, can seek compensation for the following: medical and funeral expenses incurred as a result of the death; future lost earnings; benefits lost, such as a 401(k) and pension; mental anguish; lost companionship; and general and punitive damages.

At Beckman & Marion, our attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of the applicable laws in the field of wrongful death litigation. We monitor any changes in relevant case law so we are always prepared with the soundest strategy. And we are fully aware that while money cannot bring back a beloved family member, a claim can ensure that the person, company, or institution that caused the wrongful death is held responsible.

If you believe a loved one has died wrongfully from negligent or reckless care, call us for a free evaluation of your case and let us fight for you. We will get the answers you deserve.

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