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Construction Accidents / Worksite Injuries

Construction accidents happen all too frequently in residential homes and commercial buildings. The causes are many: equipment overturns and malfunctions, floor or wall collapses, explosions, burns, electrocution, exposure to hazardous and toxic chemicals, or others.

The results may leave you suffering from a head injury or brain trauma, paralysis, soft-tissue damage, spinal injuries, amputation, back and neck injuries, eye damage, a herniated disc, illnesses exacerbated by hazardous workplace conditions, bone fractures, respiratory ailments, or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Workplace injuries often result in a loss of job and difficulty in acquiring new employment. The stress falls not only on the victim, but also on his or her entire family.

The attorneys at Beckman & Marion have years of experience in the field of worksite injury litigation. Our senior attorneys and experts will discover the cause, scope and magnitude of the injury – be it the result of inadequate training, poor supervision, or a dangerous work environment – it’s long term impact on your health and well-being and
see that you are responsibly compensated.

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